About Us

The family has a long tradition in the optical industry, first starting with Brian Toye’s grandfather Alfred in Petticoat Lane, London. He then went on to train his 6 sons who all ran practices in the Greater London area. Brian then established our practice in Exmouth in 1977 and his daughter Charlotte is the Dispensing Optician.

Today we still value our long tradition of community eye care but we have evolved with the times to include the most advanced retinal imaging technology, the latest lens designs and quality spectacle frames.

We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of the eye exams as well as our customer service and friendly approach. We enjoy helping you to achieve your best vision and find the best eyewear for you and your lifestyle.

Myopia Management in our practice

We provide exceptional eye care to the whole family. Research has shown that early eye examinations can detect a range of eye conditions and we have invested in cutting edge technology to help us. One condition that researchers have found is increasing amongst children is myopia:

Myopia, commonly know as near-sightedness, is a condition that often develops during childhood.  Our comprehensive eye examinations, specifically designed eye examinations for young patients, accurately assess the degree of your child’s myopia or likelihood of developing it and monitor its progression over time. Our skilled opticians will provide personalised recommendations for myopia management including contact lenses, and/or innovate spectacle lenses. We understand the importance of early intervention in controlling myopia and preventing potential complications. With our expertise and a child friendly approach, we strive to ensure that your child receives the best possible care and enjoys clear vision for years to come.